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Friday, June 12, 2009


I don’t know how many times I’ve sat and endured a headache or sneezed through a day of allergies, while I pass by the medicine cabinet on numerous occasions throughout the day. How easy it would be to simply open up the cabinet and relieve myself with some over the counter goodness that is meant to give relief. I obviously purchased it in the first case for such a purpose-I have faith in the products and have even had faith promoting experiences of said medications and their remedy. Then why, when I have the answer in my medicine cabinet do I suffer through the pain or itchy red eyes?

Plain and simple…I’m lazy.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this at one point or another-the fact that I’m lazy sometimes. But, considering it’s probably been at least six months, and it’s on my mind, I probably need to re-address the topic to my lazy self.

So, this post is not necessarily about Advil or Zyrtec (nor is it a medicine ad but just in case you were wondering, those are my drugs of choice for such symptoms). More so, it’s a spinoff of my thought from the other day about the difference” the little things” make in life. The simple steps that we side step out of laziness or business or whatever else it may be, even though we have the faith AND multiple faith promoting experiences that such steps and practices would significantly relieve us of ailments in our lives.

I’ll start with the not-so-spiritual steps. For me, one of these is EXERCISE. Oh, I just feel SO much better after a good work out. The days that I skip this “me-time”, I feel a significant difference in my mood and energy level . Plain and simple, exercise does a body and mind good. A fact we all know yet are too lazy to take action upon. Myself included.

Another “little thing” that helps me feel better through my day is accomplishing small tasks- paying a bill, folding a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher or simply replacing the empty toilet paper roll. I know these sound silly, but some days I swear I just put off every little thing and let them pile up around me. Then, it’s a feeling of not only laziness and procrastination, but being OVERWHELMED because now instead of doing a small task, you have to spend hours on end undoing damage that could have been easily avoided.

On to the spiritual steps. Last week, I took a morning where I woke up early. I decided that I was going to stay up after sending my husband off to work and study my scriptures. I prayed, I read and before I knew it, an hour went by. That day, was an amazing day- I even went to Winco with a two year old, bagging and lugging all my own groceries yet I had a skip in my step and a smile on my face. The thing that made it amazing was my attitude, my countenance; I was genuinely filled with the Spirit. Since that day, I have slept in. Since that day I’ve let other things get in the way of doing that “little thing” and guess what? I’ve been in a crappy mood at some point almost every day. Now it’s almost worse than before, because I know the remedy and I’m being too lazy to do it.

I've been in this place before- and I pretty much hate that place. Yet, who put me there? Me. And who can get me out? Me.

Now, I just need to walk over to the medicine cabinet (the bookshelf) and grab my remedy (my scriptures) and start my day out right with the best medicine.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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